Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hood Saint

Hood Saint was created by another upcoming artist and good friend of mine Fines(Finess).

We talked about how the character design was going to go down. I think this is the first time Fines has had any of his creations on the web!

Check out some sketched I did of the his creations.

Hood Saint


Joe Rheault's Asha

A good buddy of mine has a comic he is working on. The character's name is Asha. And basically she kills monsters. And she's a very skilled monster assassin.

The character was created by Joe Rheault. He completely designed her. I actually came up with some monsters for her to fight. Asha's is really fun charcter to draw. Check out Joe's blog. He's doing a comic on her:

Here's the art:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

From the Rooftop

This was a volunteer project for another rapper. His name is Tru Serva. This is a song of his album "Paperboy." I think you can get it off itunes. Anyway, you can see the video on youtube.

Here is a scree shot of the video.

Visit the link below:

Adobe Illustrator Work

I've learned to become really fluid with the pentool. 100% of these illustrations and icons were rendered in Illustrator. Take a look.

Ecard Background

These are a couple of backgrounds I did for a interactive web presentation.

And finally these are just few of many icons, graphics and portraits all completed in Illustrator.

Photshop Illstration Work

Most of these were completed in Photoshop. I mostly work with multiple layers for editing purposes. It's always fun.

The Protectors

This is a cd comic book I did for a local christian rap group called Hour To Hope. I did 28 pages of comic work(cd format).

Here are some samples:

Woe Is Oz Character Designs

These are some quick character designs I put together for the 2nd Issue of "Woe is Oz." Visit to see the first issue.