Saturday, May 9, 2009


I've been wanting to do a piece for my nephew for the longest time.  He's really into the dragons from "Reign Of Fire."  So I drew up a dragon for him and colored it in Photoshop.  

Take a look:

Inked pencil:

Finished color:

Monday, April 27, 2009


This project was calibration with Michael Spanjers(gorilla ink). The project was a quick six panel story of a character Big Mike created.

Check it out:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Burbs

The Burbs was a short story that was written by Joe Rheault, a good friend and fellow comic artist.  Joe's story was inspired by a dream that he had.  The story or dream if you will, was about two kids who got chased by this maniac killer that carries a hatchet. 

The production for this project was unique and very convenient.  Joe wrote the script, then I penciled his story, he inked my pencils, then I colored his inks, then finally Joe topped it off by lettering the final colors.  It took a while to complete because we were kind of working on it on the side.

I posted a finished ink and three final colors.  It was actually one of the first comic books I got the opportunity to color.

It was a lot of fun.

The Burbs Page 6 (process)

The Burbs Page 7

The Burbs Page 8

My Attempt at Drawing the Hulk!

I really like drawing massive characters.  With mad crazy muscles...So I drew the Hulk.

Jet Pack Girl

Duplicated Ninja

Some Older Sketches

These are some older sketches I did a couple of months back.  I was trying to get back into the feel of drawing comics.  So I made characters out of some of my friends, AJ Ragland(Duplicating Ninja) and Nikki Courneya(Jet-Pack Girl).    

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nu Bloga

Hey everyone.

My name is Kelly Brown and I'm a driven artist.  Well actually, I'm overly driven artist.  Maybe one day it'll pay off--maybe when I'm 45;)

I came up with Comic Volt a couple weeks ago.  Comic Volt is going to be a semi-interactive comic flash site.  On the site I'll be posting animated comics--hopefully giving readers a cool online experience.  
Me and a really good web programmer, Anthony Nollen are developing the "official" website right now.  Meanwhile, I'll be posting some of the comics that will be on Comic Volt here on blogspot.

The first comic I'll be posting is called "Incredible Nollen"(Anthony Nollen).  Basically this a 12 page comic that focuses on Anthony turning into a purple "Hulk."

Incredible Nollen Pages 1-5