Friday, March 20, 2009

Nu Bloga

Hey everyone.

My name is Kelly Brown and I'm a driven artist.  Well actually, I'm overly driven artist.  Maybe one day it'll pay off--maybe when I'm 45;)

I came up with Comic Volt a couple weeks ago.  Comic Volt is going to be a semi-interactive comic flash site.  On the site I'll be posting animated comics--hopefully giving readers a cool online experience.  
Me and a really good web programmer, Anthony Nollen are developing the "official" website right now.  Meanwhile, I'll be posting some of the comics that will be on Comic Volt here on blogspot.

The first comic I'll be posting is called "Incredible Nollen"(Anthony Nollen).  Basically this a 12 page comic that focuses on Anthony turning into a purple "Hulk."

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