Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Artist Collaboration...

This piece was pencilled and inked by Marcus Smith( Then I did a first round of color work(the color on the top). Marcus then followed up with some awesome detail work of his own(color sample on the bottom. It is a perfect of example of two syncing their styles together. Fun stuff!


  1. Hey Kelly I found you on linkedin discussions , my name is robert carter ,Illustrator in Australia ,I am an older guy ,so I have not got into doing work in Photoshop ,vector etc I want to , I love your work ,Man it's great , is it very hard to learn to work in photoshop etc?? I have a website it's if you want to look ,all my work is by hand at the moment ,all the best Robert.

  2. Hi Robert. Thanks for following me on the Linkedin discussions. I've been using photoshop and illustrator for about 10 years. 5 years professionally. And I can honestly say I still don't know half what these programs are truly capable of. However I use them really well to do what I do. More so as a tool. Both are great for editing and doing productive work. There are tons of artist who use Wacom tablets and Cintiq Tablets in photoshop/illustrator( to produce artwork straight to the computer. A good learning tool for me is There you can find really easy to follow tutorials on all professional software. Your work is great! So I can see you benefiting from using Adobe Products.