Sunday, April 1, 2012

The God Car

This is the first piece I've done where my artwork got placed onto a racing car. The process was...interesting but doable. It started out with pencil sketches. Then I brought the sketches into Adobe Illustrator and traced over them with vectors. In the process I did artwork to go up the middle of the car, the side of car, the roof, artwork to be place in IOU logo and there was patch art included too.

The problem I ran into was creating too many skull pieces! So it trip the Illustrator system due to a huge amount vector points included in the files. But in the end a good friend of mine (Pat Garrahy) helped me think of some good solutions for multiple AI objects. The race car driver is Brent Larsen. Awesome Christian man! I really hope to do more these in the future!

Enjoy the process...


Vector Line Art

Final Center Art

Final Roof Art

Full Panel Side Art

Panel Side Art With Logo

Final Product 1

Final Product 2

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